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Science / Life Science / Human Body / Where is Howie's Owie?™
    Where is Howie's Owie?™

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Help locate Howie's pain with this charming body awareness activity

Ages 3-7

Develop body part awareness and vocabulary by using the fun bandage magnets to search for Howie’s Owie (a red magnetic dot).

Children guess the bandage it is under, learning body parts as they play.

Reverse side features write and wipe surface for labelling. 

Self-standing easel measures 48cm H x 33cm W.

Includes 20 magnets and Activity Guide.

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Learning Styles: Tactile, Visual

 Skill Development:

 Social & Behavioral- Use Howie as a tool to learn body parts as well as talk about appropriate touch and personal space.

 Self Help- Howie can assist students in correctly identifying an injury or pain to an adult.

 Basic Concepts- Provides a visual aid for parts of the body and the magnetic bandages offer points of focus. Howie’s body can be related back to the student’s body to create a correlation.

 Language- There are many different body parts outside of “head, shoulders, knees and toes” for students to learn. Students can practice their expressive and receptive language skills and heighten vocabulary by identifying appropriate terms for body parts and having the tools to express how their body physically feels.


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