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Math / Algebra / Algeblocks® Study Group Set
    Algeblocks® Study Group Set

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Build Algebra Understanding Using Three-Dimensional Manipulatives!

Ages 12 and up

Help students master algebra concepts with a hands-on system that includes powerful instructional resources, three-dimensional manipulatives. By providing both hands-on and visual representations, Algeblocks' takes advantage of the natural link to geometry. The use of Algeblocks spatial models that represent both X and Y variables up to the third power puts the solutions to algebra at students' fingertips!

Offers an array of materials for four students working together!

Contains 136 blocks, 12 mats (4 of each type), 4 Factor Tracks, and a Learning About…® Algeblocks Activity Guide. Enough materials for 4 students working independently are packaged in a Storage Container.

Grades 6-12

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