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Special Needs / Skill Development / Fine Motor Skills / Gator Grabber Tweezers (Set of 12)
    Gator Grabber Tweezers (Set of 12)

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Themed alligator tweezers offer sorting fun for little hands

Ages 2-6

Sized for even smaller hands and great for developing the pincer grasp; the key to fine motor skills!

Adorable tweezers in six colors measure 10cm L and store in handy, resealable bucket.

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Fine Motor
Sensory Integration

Key points
Helps develop the pincer grasp needed for writing and fine motor skills needed for daily living: e.g. buttoning, zipping a zipper, holding a toothbrush, picking up finger foods etc. Great for children who are hypersensitive to textures: they can participate in tactile play using tweezers to hold and move objects Assists in development of eye-hand coordination (visual-motor integration) Incorporate puppet-like conversations to enhance communication and social interactions (Gator can speak to or try to gobble up the other person, increasing direct contact with another)

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Down Syndrome
Brain Injury


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